• 7'x 1" Oak Pole Set
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7'x 1" Oak Pole Set

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A. 7' Oak 1" dia. Flagpole
This solid oak flagpole is the perfect addition to a boardroom/office or other area of distinguished display. All of our oak flagpoles are solid oak, and stained with a fruitwood finish. Each section of the pole features brass screw couplings that allow you to put together and take apart your flagpole with class and ease. 
SKU 750100 - Price $108.00 ea

B. Acorn 1"
This plastic vacuum plated silver coloured Acorn flagpole finial is the perfect finish to any indoor or outdoor flagpole (1" diameter only). Works only with aluminum (hollow) flagpoles. The additional plastic inlay allows for a snug fit on the flagpole. 
SKU 560110 - Price $8.30 ea

C. Plastic Flag ring 1"
Small acrylic adjustable flag rings. Used for attaching flags to flagpoles for both indoor and outdoor use (on flagpoles up to 8' only). Fits only 1" diameter flagpoles. You need 2 Rings for top and bottom. Can be adjusted to accommodate any width flag. Price is for 2 rings.
SKU 562200 - Price $3.27 x2 rings= $6.54

D. Gold Anodized 9"x 1"
This beautiful 9" diameter flagpole floorstand is great for any boardroom or office. The base is anodized aluminum and is very sturdy, as it is filled with concrete. This base accommodates a 1" diameter flagpole.
SKU 550100 - Price $90.00 ea

 Total Value of $ 212.84