Pro-Rated Warranty

Did you know that Flag Outlet offers a pro-rated warranty for your nylon flag?  We are the only company that stands behind the quality of our flags with a warranty.

Warranty is for nylon flags smaller than 5'x 10', larger flags are charged shipping & small service chrg.

Repair on larger flags are charged at .10 per sqaure foot of overall flag plus shippng.

Nylon flags could last you up to a year flying outside.  However, due to circumstances beyond our control they can last less than that.  Flag Outlet will repair your flag at no charge any time.  You pay the shipping cost to return the flag to us, and we will pay the shipping for its return to you.( this applies only to nylon flags smaller than 5'x 10' )

If we deem that your flag is not repairable, the following warranty conditions will apply.

( applies only to flags smaller than 5'x10')

Warranty Conditions:

  • Pro-rated warranty based on one year life
  • Does not apply to custom or polyester flags
  • Warranty is limited to 40% off the retail price for replacement flag
  • If you feel your flag needs to be replaced, mail in the old flag (Please phone ahead first)


  1. Purchase 36”x72” Canada flag on January 1st
  2. Order a replacement September 30th
  3. Your flag was used 272 or 75% of the warranty life of 1 year
  4. You automatically receive 25% discount on the replacement