Need to track wind direction? Our high quality windsocks and hardware are the products for you. 

Whether you need just the frame or just the windsock or even both, we have the product to suit your needs.

We also carry small novelty windsocks that don't require commercial grade hardware and are sure to dress up any decor.

Want to figure out what size windsock to order?

Method 1:
Measure around the complete circumference of the throat of the windsock. Divide that measurement by 3.14. This will calculate the diameter of the windsock in inches.

Method 2:
Lay your windsock flat on a table or floor. Measure from one side to the opposite side of the throat. Take that measurement & multiply by 2, then divide by 3.14. The result is the diameter of your windsock.

Method 3:
To determine the diameter of your windsock, measure from side to side through the middle of your windsock frame