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Get your NATO flag, geographical, politcial flags and ensigns of NATO

Polyester lightweight material. A great economical choice for indoor displays or short-term outdoor use. Not included in our pro-rated warranty. Finished with durable 2 brass grommets.

70 denier nylon Great outdoor fabric, flies in even the lightest breeze. Recommended for outdoor use in low-moderate wind areas.

210 denier nylon (HD)- Great outdoor fabric. Recommended for outdoor use in moderate-high wind areas.

Our 4”x 6” polyester flag comes with 11”x ¼”plastic staff & heat cut edges. While our 4”x 6” rayon flag comes with 11”x ¼” black plastic staff, gold top & sewn edges.

United Nations 12"x 18" polyester flag with 24"x 1/4" wooden dowel.